Brundo Spice Company

Brundo Spice Company


    In Ethiopia, spices like Berbere carry tradition, memories, history and culture that have evolved over generations. These spices are sources of flavor and a reminder of the depth and richness of the history shared by all.

    It’s that history Fetlework Tefferi wanted to share when she opened Cafe Colucci, one of the first Ethiopian restaurants in Oakland, California, only to discover that she could not consistently source high quality, authentic ingredients because a robust supply chain didn’t exist.

    Our award-winning restaurant was unable to serve customers due to a lack of quality ingredients. So we decided to take control of our supply chain and establish a small-scale spice production facility in Modjo, Ethiopia. What didn’t go to the restaurant, we began to sell.

    At the time there was little to no visibility of the rich flavors that came out of the continent, but as the global appetite for these spices grew, so did our mission. We invested more of our time into growing Brundo Spice Company, importing products to Oakland, California, and sharing them with you, thus preserving these centuries-old traditional heirloom Ethiopian herbs, seeds, and spices. 

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