Get ready to discover the unique blend of spices that give our iconic dishes, such as tibs with injera, their distinct character. From the fiery kick of berbere to the fragrant allure of korerima, we're about to embark on a culinary journey that's as vibrant and diverse as Ethiopia itself. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur of Ethiopian cuisine or exploring vegan-friendly options, we invite you to embark on this culinary journey that will surely tantalize your taste buds. Let's unravel the secrets of Ethiopian cooking together!

Mareko Fana

A medium-heat pepper that is highly prized in Ethiopian cuisine. The peppers form the backbone of the traditional Ethiopian "Berbere" spice.

Matafecha (ማታፈቻ)

An all-purpose spice that is a great flavor enhancer commonly made with Shai Kimem, Tikur Azmud, ginger, garlic, Netch Azmud, Kundo Berbere.

Metin Shinkurt (ምጥን ሽንኩርት)

A seasoned and dried onion power – the “measured” refers to using the right amount of seasonings in the mix. The onions are dried on a mitad and pounded into a powder.

Mitmita (ሚጥሚጣ)

A powdered seasoning mix used in Ethiopia. It is orange-red and contains ground African bird's eye chili peppers, Ethiopian cardamom (korerima), cloves, and salt.

Nech Azumd (ነጭ አዝሙድ)

Ethiopian Caraway Seed is used in blends to bring balance to flavor, occasionally to season butter and cooking oil, and additionally to brew alcoholic beverages.

Qoti (ቆቲ)

Coffee leaves, used to make tea or as an ingredient in shai kemam.

Rosemary (የጥብስ ቅጠል)

Used fresh and dried for meat sautés, roasts, and pasta sauces, and it's also added to spice blends to enrich aroma.

Senafich (ሰናፍጭ)

Ethiopian Mustard is a spicy mustard sauce that, when it is prepared, is a bit more liquid than its western mustard equivalent. It is made from ground mustard seeds, vinegar, garlic, oil, and salt.

Tena-adam (ጤና አዳም)

Rue is a pale green plant with a strong aroma often served with coffee. The parts that grow above the ground are also used to make medicine.

Timiz - Indian long pepper (ጥምዝ)

Usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. It has a taste similar to, but hotter than, that of its close relative the black pepper.

Turmeric (እርድ)

An earthy, bitter, almost musky, spice with a peppery hint. It is a vibrant shade of yellowish-orange. They are mostly used to give flavor and a bit of color to "Alicha", the milder Ethiopian stew.